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The Center doesn’t have a physical office and it doesn’t have members. Everyone who supports bees belongs to the colony.There are no utility bills nor dues to pay. Those things cost money and that money is better saved for useful things - like research.

People ask how they can help. We’d like them to become beekeepers and volunteer for Center projects. If not, they could plant flowers and flowering trees that bees like. Or they could influence their friends or civic leaders to take a sympathetic stance on issues which affect bees. At the very least we hope they refrain from applying chemical toxins to the land.

But a few folks feel inspired to make a monetary contribution - and that is what “Friends of the Center” is for. If you do become a ‘Friend’ the Center would like to acknowledge your help by offering a ten per cent discount on any ticketed events or merchandise offered in our store - as well as add you to our preferred mailing list.



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