Black Jar Honey Contest

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8th Annual International

  Black Jar Honey Tasting Contest

(now accepting entries)


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Honey. The concentrated essence of plants collected by thousands of  bees. Each a blend of unique flora within reach of their wings. Different between colonies side by side - indeed, different within the cells of a single comb. Different throughout the  season and strikingly different year to year.

Think of the diverse flowers within an area. Consider how they respond to sunlight and rain, temperature and humidity. Within small distances multiple microcosms flourish. The mineral content of every speck of earth varies from weathering and seismic shift - all reflected in honey.

Taste. A Sense shared by every human. Wikipedia declares an average of 3,000-10,000 taste receptors dot the human tongue - but they are imprecise in what they convey. We all agree what is salty, bitter or sweet - but how do some reject fruit as too bitter while others find them delicious?

It is less about the chemical receptors than how our brains interpret the sensations. Ask people to rank what tastes best - and their answers will make a contradiction of a single thing.

There exist in this World: bees, people, and plants exotic to each other. The goal of the Black Jar Honey Tasting Contest is to bring them together to experience their intersection. The Center welcomes a ‘discovering’ of uniqueness from around the Globe.




Entries must be received or post-marked by December 15, 2018. Due to difficulties in shipping, entries may be packaged in unbreakable containers (1 liter/quart is approx. 3 pounds US) which the Center will transfer into glass queenline jars. Two beekeeper labels must be included for attaching. These labels should be sized to fit a one pound jar. Please visit Contest Rules.


Grand Prize is $2500 U.S, blue ribbon, name added to trophy and Center website, and bragging rights for the whole world. We will also award $150 each to winners in ten categories - which will be determined based upon the qualities and quanty of entries received. 

There will be numerous less publicized tastings to narrow the field but Winners will be announced at a ticketed cocktail reception to be held at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Asheville NC.


For answers to frequently asked questions click here.


Due to the nature of tasting so many delicious flavors - it is necessary that numerous tastings be judged - with the winners moving on to 'regionals'  'semi-finals' etc. until we announce where and by whom the Best Tasting Honey in the World was produced. 


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